Elizabeth II in tears at Prince Philip’s funeral: This heartbreaking image

A royal correspondent shared on Twitter, this Saturday, April 17, a heartbreaking photo of Queen Elizabeth II. Sitting in the Bentley that transported her, she wipes a tear away from view.


Elizabeth II would never, ever, let her emotions show. The Queen always endures the pain by appearing rock solid. But sometimes, she takes off her mask and lets her tears flow. This is evidenced by a heartbreaking photo shared on Twitter by royal correspondent Charlie Proctor on Saturday 17 April. It shows the figure of Prince Philip’s widow, dressed in black, sitting in the back of the Bentley that was taking her to the funeral. If we can not guess the salty pearls that certainly roll on her cheeks, hidden by a mask anti-covid, we can still see that she wipes one of them with her right hand.

If Elizabeth II thought, it seems, to wipe her last tear before appearing in public, the queen would have let another one flow. Before sitting alone on her bench in St. George’s Chapel, she who was about to say goodbye to the man who shared her life for 73 years would have also hidden it. A heartbreaking moment, reported by our sources, when we know that the mother of Charles always refrains from crying. For all that, her stoic face does not reflect the intensity of her grief, as her son, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, recalled two days after the death of Prince Philip to the BBC. “The queen, as you would expect, is an incredibly stoic person,” he acknowledged. Before specifying that the disappearance of his father had “left a huge void in his life”.

Do not cry to “avoid criticism

But why does Elizabeth II always try to remain so “stoic”? “She is a woman of deep feelings, but she works very hard to present a stolid face,” assured Sally Bedell Smith, American biographer of the queen and other members of the royal family, in an interview with USA Today. Before adding, “It’s partly due to her role, her temperament and the way she was raised.” Never, or almost never, revealing her feelings also allows her to “avoid criticism.” “But it takes a will of steel and many years of practice,” he concluded.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE



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