Harry and Meghan: This serious suspicion of the royal family that blocks any reconciliation

While Harry and Meghan would do their best to reconnect with the British royal family, reconciliations seem to be compromised for the moment because of a serious suspicion that hangs over the Sussexes.

If the reconciliations seemed to be going well between the Sussexes and the British royal family, the discussions seem to have come to a standstill in recent days. Indeed, as our source reports, the clan of Queen Elizabeth II has suspended all their exchanges with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry because of “constant leaks” from the side of Archie’s parents. According to several sources, the Windsors would not look kindly on the fact that their recent private and family conversations are reported in detail in the American press.

The royal family is even questioning the speed with which these supposedly confidential exchanges are being spread in the media. Just this Wednesday, April 21, intimate elements of a private phone call between Meghan, Archie and Queen Elizabeth II, just before the funeral of Prince Philip, were disclosed by the American magazine People. But who is this source close to Harry and Meghan who manages to get wind of all this information on their private life? The mystery remains…

Soon a summit meeting for the royal family?

More and more rumors indicate that a royal summit meeting could take place very soon. A way perhaps for the family to burst the abscess once and for all, but also to discuss the future of the Crown. Harry and Meghan could be ousted from the future monarchy. As biographer Angela Levin explained to the Daily Mail, this meeting should set the tone for the first decisions Prince Charles will make when he ascends the throne. The future king would consider refining the list of royal family members by permanently cutting ties with Meghan and Harry, still maintained by Queen Elizabeth II: “The outer edge of the institution, which the Queen wanted to keep for “sentimental reasons”, could be cut,” Angela Levin said.

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