Meghan Markle: These images that became untraceable that Queen Elizabeth II had banned

In 2018, when she had just married Prince Harry, Meghan Markle made an obstruction to the royal protocol that was filmed. However, the footage became untraceable thanks to Queen Elizabeth II, who had it banned.

Meghan Markle has made a grand entrance into the royal family. The former Suits actress had a hard time integrating the protocol, which she even thought she could get rid of. Not hesitating to take a few liberties, very badly perceived and breaking with tradition, the wife of Prince Harry has come to commit several stupidities that have not escaped the eye of photographers. In the documentary Meghan and Kate, royal duel at Buckingham aired on TFX this Wednesday, April 28, the journalist Michel Serra returned to a faux-pas of Meghan Markle that has embarrassed Queen Elizabeth II.

This one goes back to June 14, 2018, on that day, the Duchess of Sussex accompanied the monarch for a visit to the city of Chester. If everything had gone rather well, it was enough of a gesture to give rise to a scandal: “Very quickly Meghan makes foolishness. Her first big mistake was that she touched the queen, and that is not done at all,” says Michel Serra.

Queen Elizabeth II had the images banned

If several photographers have not failed to capture this famous moment when Meghan Markle puts a hand on her Royal Highness, the images of this incident are now no longer available. They have been completely banned on the orders of the Queen: “Buckingham has asked for their immediate ban,” said the documentary. A way for his Majesty to protect the wife of his grandson of a new controversy.

But this will obviously not have served as a lesson to Meghan Markle, who continued to do as she pleases, until she decided to give up her royal commitments. So many blunders that have earned her many critics and have only made her more and more unpopular in the eyes of the British.



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