Elizabeth II upset: Prince Harry’s new attacks have particularly affected the Queen

According to the tabloid The Mail on Sunday, May 23, Elizabeth II was deeply hurt by the recent revelations of Prince Harry about his past in the royal family.

Her Majesty is in turmoil. Plunged into deep mourning since the death of Prince Philip, Elizabeth II must also wipe the criticism targeting the institution she represents. And her pain is even greater knowing that these reproaches come from her grandson, Prince Harry. Since his exile in California, the Duke of Sussex multiplies the confidences without any taboo or pity for the Windsors. After having taken the monarchy as a target, it is his father, Prince Charles, that he curtailed. Affronts weakening his relationship with the royal family of England and hurting a little more the 95-year-old sovereign.

“Harry’s grandmother took it very personally and is deeply upset by what Harry said,” a source close to Elizabeth II told the Mail on Sunday, May 23. “In particular his comments about Charles’ parenthood and suggesting that his father doesn’t know any better because of the way he was raised. It’s been a very upsetting time.” Prince Harry made an appearance in the Oprah Winfrey documentary called The Me You Can’t See. A series dedicated to mental health, which wants to bend the stereotypes and clichés around mental disorders, available on the Apple TV+ platform.

Prince Harry: We’ve done everything we can

A cause that is dear to the future father, since he witnessed the psychological distress of his mother, Lady Diana. Prince Harry therefore did not hold back his blows when he confided on his past within the royal family with Meghan Markle. “We spent four years trying (…) We did everything we could to stay there and continue to play the role and do the job. But Meghan was struggling.” He further accuses the royal institution of not supporting his wife when she was plagued by suicidal thoughts. These revelations come two months after a shocking truth interview aired on CBS, during which the former actress claimed that a member of the royal family would have commented on the color of her son Archie’s skin. Comment with racist connotation.



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