Meghan Markle: is she the key to Prince Harry and William’s reconciliation?

Kinsey Schofield, a royal expert, confided in the Mirror about the conflict between the princes Harry William. There will be no reconciliation possible if Meghan Markle is still around.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield told the Mirror that it is still possible for Prince William and Prince Harry to reconcile. Only, their relationship would only return to normal if Meghan Markle is wiped from the picture. “Unfortunately, I think the only way things would get back to normal is if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle split up and Prince Harry returns to the UK solo. However, Harry would never leave his children in another country,” he confessed.

In the middle of this conflict, there is the possible pacifying action of Kate Middleton, still according to Kinsey Schofield. Recall that the Duchess of Cambridge moved away after the funeral of Prince Philip. She leaves the field free to the brothers William and Harry to discuss freely. Kinsey Schofield also confides that Kate seeks reconciliation between the two brothers, but will not insist on the subject.

William thought Harry was moving too fast with Meghan

From the beginning, the relationship between Harry and Meghan has created a chasm between the two brothers. Royal biographer Robert Lacey, in his book Battle of the Brothers, tells that William felt that Harry was moving much too fast with Meghan. The book also talks about William trying to stop his younger brother from rushing to marry the former Suits actress.

According to the book, Prince William asked Harry, “This all seems to be moving pretty fast. Are you sure?”. Following this question, Harry felt offended. In the book, Prince Harry wonders if Prince William was really concerned about his happiness.



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