Prince Edward and his wife Sophie ski: Their children Louise and James had a blast on the slopes

After a very busy start to the year, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie of Wessex took a well-deserved winter break at the ski resort of Saint-Moritz, Switzerland, with their two children Louise and James. A vacation that allowed them to recharge their batteries, far from the controversies that have soiled the Crown in recent weeks.

If you are looking for Prince Edward and Sophie of Wessex, it is towards the very posh ski resort of Saint-Moritz that you should look. The royal couple took advantage of the school vacations of their two children Lady Louise Windsor and James,Viscount Severn, aged 16 and 12, to leave the UK and recharge the batteries after several chaotic weeks. In the shots obtained by the Daily Mail, Sophie and Edward of Wessex, who are very experienced skiers, appear all smiles, clearly delighted to have been able to take a family break despite their busy royal schedule.

The Queen’s youngest son and his wife have for years placed the education of their children at the heart of their priorities, making it a point of honour to keep them away from the media as much as possible. A task that may become increasingly difficult, while Queen Elizabeth seems to count on the couple to replace Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on the front of the stage. Much appreciated by her mother-in-law, Sophie of Wessex, who nevertheless refused the title of princess to remain as close as possible to her commoner origins, could well impose itself as one of the essential faces of the Crown.

A Crown that adapts

If the controversies around the British royal family are currently the least of their worries, Sophie of Wessex and Prince Edward represent the perfect candidates to make people forget the Megxit. Divorces in chains, quarantine of Prince Andrew, frustrations related to the departure of the couple from Sussex … so many disappointments that exhaust Queen Elizabeth II, who places much hope in his youngest son and his wife to regain control of a crown soiled.

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