Why Prince Charles and Elizabeth II have not attend the ceremony of unveil statue of Princess Diana

This Thursday, July 1, Princes Harry and William unveiled the statue in tribute to Lady Diana. An elegant and bold work in the image of their mother. A result that would not be to the taste of Prince Charles or Queen Elizabeth II.

Barely twenty-four hours have passed since the statue in homage to Lady Diana was unveiled. Inaugurated this Thursday, July 1, the day on which the Princess of Wales would have celebrated her 60th birthday, this bronze sculpture made by the artist Ian Rank-Boradley is far from unanimous within the Royal family of England.


If they managed to put aside their different the time of this inauguration, Princes William and Harry had managed to find common ground as to the final rendering of this statue. Commissioned in 2017 by the two brothers, twenty years after the tragic death of the princess of hearts, this work “aims to reflect the warmth, elegance and energy of Diana, Princess of Wales, in addition to her work and the impact she had on all people,” details Kensington Palace.And in order for this tribute to be successful in every respect, nothing was left to chance. Not even the style of dress or even the features of the face of the princess, as described by our colleagues from Dailymail. Indeed, the statue of Lady Di is based on “the last period of her life when she was confident in her role as an ambassador for humanitarian causes”.

Not sure that this is to the taste of Prince Charles and his mother Queen Elizabeth II. At the end of her life, Princess Diana was a free woman and dangerous for the Windsors. Between her long conversations with the palace staff, her bold fashion choices and her romantic relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed, Lady Diana was a free spirit within the royal family. An image that was far from the one desired by the famous royal protocol.


Prince Charles and Elizabeth II absent from the inauguration

When the curtain fell, revealing the contours of the statue tribute to Diana, Elizabeth II and Prince Charles were conspicuous by their absence. In a statement relayed on Twitter by journalist Peter Hunt, we learned that Princes William and Harry, members of the family closest to the Princess of Wales as well as the sculptor and the landscape designer were present. However, there was no mention of the possible presence of Charles and Her Majesty.

A rather surprising absence. In 2004, it was Queen Elizabeth II herself who inaugurated the fountain in tribute to Diana in the heart of Hyde Park. In her speech, Harry and William‘s grandmother had even underlined “the remarkable person” that her former daughter-in-law had been. If the widow of Prince Philip had been able to put aside her disagreements during this event, it is quite different seventeen years later. This complex relationship had even suffered many criticisms at the time of the accidental death of Lady Di.

If the inauguration of the statue was able to bury the hatchet between the two brothers for an afternoon, some misunderstandings continue to hover over the royal family.

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  1. I think Charles and The Queen did the right thing not to attend the unveiling of the late Princess Diana statue Her brother was there to support William and Harry as was there place so let them all get on with there lives and look to the future .God save our gracious Queen 👑 and all the royal family

  2. It is but proper of the Queen and Prince Charles not to be present. I am sure they love the statuette of Diana, but to be present at the unveiling would only entertain some useless comments!

  3. I can understand why the queen and Prince Charles was not at envailing of the statue of princess Diane’s it was a family affair for prince William and Prince harry and Diane family we should have a memorial service for her later in the year.

  4. Well I don’t seem to understand as why the Queen was not at unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana with her grandsons !
    Why not show her respect to Princess Diana , the late daughter in-law who has contributed so much and how remarkable person she has been and what’s more Princess Diana was loved by all people around the world therefore she was important and deserved to pay respect by all Royal family!


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