Prince Edward makes rare confidences about his daughter’s difficulties at school

Homeschooling is not an easy experience for everyone. And Prince Edward has revealed that it hasn’t been easy for his daughter Louise. While their young son James found it “fantastic.”

Prince Edward and his wife Sophie of Wessex have always made sure that their children, Louise, 17, and James, 13, lead normal lives. And like any teenager in this time of health crisis, the two students are naturally faced with distance learning. Distance learning courses with which Lady Louise has more difficulty than her brother, according to the confidences of Prince Edward, during his interview with Sky News, Thursday, February 25. “It’s night and day,” said the Earl of Wessex.

The fourth and last child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip – who has been hospitalized for ten days now – Prince Edward revealed that his daughter Louise had “struggled” during these home classes, while James, his brother, found the experience “fantastic”. The couple’s youngest daughter, based at Bagshot Park in Surrey, told Sky News, “My older sister, Louise, had her CGSE (the British equivalent of the Brevet des collèges in France, editor’s note) interrupted last year, so we went through that painful period together.” Pointing out that Lady Louise had struggled a bit with video conferencing learning, she who much preferred to be with all her friends.

I think we were not the only family in this case

Sophie de Wessex’s husband admitted that the family was starting to experience some real frustrations and that the school vacations came at the right time. “I don’t think we were the only family in this situation,” he said. The home schooling couldn’t have been easy for everyone.

Lady Louise is not on social networks

Note that the young Louise Mountbatten-Windsor had to be cut off from the world for a while, she who, in addition to no longer having face-to-face classes, also does not have Instagram, Snapchat and consorts to stay connected. Indeed, Sophie de Wessex had confided that Louise, who could now establish herself as one of the members of the Crown to be counted on in the future, was not on social networks. “The virtual world can sometimes be nasty,” had confided the favorite daughter-in-law of the queen.

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