Camilla Parker Bowles, glass in hand and devastating smile, is radiant

It is very smiling and a glass in hand that the wife of Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, wanted to celebrate a special day.

Since her marriage to Prince Charles in 2005, Camilla Parker Bowles has been appreciated by the British people. Perceived as the one who ended the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, she has had to work hard to make people forget her affair with her current husband. While Princess Diana had made peace with her former husband’s lover prior to his death, this was not the case for many followers of the British monarchy. Today, water has flowed under the bridge and the Duchess of Cornwall arouses sympathy at each of her royal trips. It is in fact all smiles that Camilla Parker-Bowles appears on Instagram, this Sunday, July 4, to celebrate a special day for her.

As chair of the Royal Voluntary Service, a charity that supports people who need help in hospitals and other communities, Camilla Parker Bowles took advantage of the Day of Thanks to highlight a particular group of people. On Clarence House’s Instagram page, the Duchess of Cornwall is pictured smiling and raising a glass to the “wonderful volunteers in this country, who have made all the difference with their commitment to help us, throughout the last year,” she said on the social network.

Future queen consort?

Despite her status as the wife of the future king of England and her many involvements with the Crown, it is not yet certain that Camilla Parker Bowles will become queen one day. The husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, who died on April 9, was only Prince Consort of the United Kingdom. For several years, it has been rumored that Prince Charles would like to give the title of Queen Consort to his wife. For its part, Clarence House had confirmed in a statement that the former mistress of the future King, once on the throne, would answer to the title of Royal Highness the Princess Consort.

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