Elizabeth II smiles at Life again: It’s what Prince Philip would have wanted

Elizabeth II appeared fit and smiling at royal engagements in recent days. A few months after the death of her husband, the Queen is trying to regain a taste for life. This is what Prince Philip would have wanted.

Elizabeth II multiplies the engagements these last days. Outings during which she appeared in good shape and good mood, as evidenced by the broad smile she had, for example, at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, one of her favorite events, which took place from 1 to 4 July. The monarch is delighted to be able to get out of the palace again and meet people since the deconfinement.

This would have given her “a new energy,” says Phil Dampier, a monarchy expert, in an interview with Femail and reported by the Daily Mail. “I think she’s just thrilled that the confinement is over like the rest of us, and to be able to go out and do the things she loves again.” But the relaxation of Britain’s confinement would not be the only reason for Queen Elizabeth’s displayed good mood.

According to Phil Dampier, if the grandmother of Princes William and Harry looks “so happy,” it’s also a way to pay tribute to her late husband, who died last April. “Some might think it strange that she is so happy, so soon after the death of Prince Philip, but I think there is a simple explanation,” said the expert on the monarchy.

I’m sure she was devastated by his death, after all, they were married for 73 years. But I’m equally sure he told her to enjoy what was left of her own life.” The Duke of Edinburgh would not have wanted his wife to do as Queen Victoria did, who mourned her husband for the rest of her life.


Elizabeth II well surrounded by her loved ones

To keep her spirits up despite the loss of her husband, Elizabeth II can also count on her loved ones. “We’ve seen how other family members are supporting her now, with Prince William and Princess Anne on recent visits to Scotland,” said Phil Dampier. He added, “And we can expect to see more of Edward and Sophie and Charles and Camilla with the queen.

Once her royal engagements are over, the monarch is not alone, however: “In private, she is never alone, there are always her two favorite servants, the dresser Angela Kelly and her assistant Paul Whybrew are always around, assures the expert, they are so close to her that they even sit with her sometimes to keep her company when she is watching TV.”

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