Kate Middleton: What vaccine was she vaccinated with?

While she received her first dose of vaccine last May, Kate Middleton has been forced into isolation after coming into contact with a Covid-19 positive person. But by the way, which vaccine did she receive?

Despite the vaccination, Kate Middleton follows the rules. On July 2, the Duchess of Cambridge learned that she was a case of contact, after crossing paths with a Covid-19 positive person. If we do not know the identity of this patient, as a precaution, the wife of Prince William has decided to self-isolate for a period of several days to avoid any possible contamination, even if she has no symptoms and has multiplied the antigenic tests. A measure that goes without saying for her, even if she has received her two doses of vaccine against the coronavirus, whose Delta variant is currently worrying the United Kingdom, but also several European countries where it is present.

However, if this measure seems surprising when she received her two injections, Kate Middleton preferred to play the precautionary card, she who did not reveal which vaccine was administered to her. Indeed, none of the family members who were vaccinated mentioned which one they had been injected with, so as not to promote any of them, and thus not to influence the choice of each one. “Yesterday I received my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at the Science Museum in London. I am extremely grateful to everyone involved in this deployment – thank you for all you do,” Kate Middleton wrote after her first injection.

What event did Kate Middleton miss because of her isolation?

It was last May, ten days after Prince William, that Kate Middleton received her first dose of vaccine against Covid-19, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt. A casual outfit that had not gone unnoticed as it was unusual for the Duchess, who because of its isolation, missed an engagement with Prince William. Indeed, on July 5, the couple was to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the NHS (National Health Service), and had planned to attend a thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral this morning before organizing an afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace. A missed act for Kate Middleton.



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