Enjoying the Life we have Left: Elizabeth II, her shocking pact with Prince Philip

Shortly before the death of Prince Philip, the Queen and her husband made a shocking pact together explaining many things about the behavior on Queen Elizabeth II.

On April 9, Prince Philip took his last breath. The one who accompanied Queen Elizabeth II through the years died at the age of 99. The sovereign was at the side of the Duke of Edinburgh in his last moments. The longevity of their union has always fascinated members of the British royal family. During their 73 years of marriage, Philip Mountbatten played his role as Prince Consort by supporting the monarch during official visits or in the tea rooms of Buckingham Palace. After a period of mourning, Elizabeth II went back to the field and was more smiling than ever. According to an article in the Daily Mail, published this Thursday, July 8, the behavior of the queen is due to a secret pact made with her husband.

During the funeral of Prince Philip, the image of Queen Elizabeth II, attending alone in the chapel of Windsor Palace, has upset the world. Once the period of mourning was over, the Queen put aside her sadness to make room for smiles and jokes. During the G7 summit, the grandmother of Princes Harry and William did not hesitate to make a joke to the heads of state present. According to Daily Mail reporter Richard Kay, this brave turn of events was due to “a secret agreement the couple made if one should die before the other.” Their pact states that “the one who remains can cry, but not too long so that he can enjoy the life that remains,” he says. An agreement between the couple that speaks volumes about their sentimental relationship.

Elizabeth II well surrounded

A pact that the sovereign seems to respect. Whether at the Royal Windsor Horse Show or during her official trip to Scotland with her grandson, Prince William, Elizabeth II is smiling at life again. Despite the loss of her husband, Prince Charles’ mother can count on the support of her loved ones every day.

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  1. She has been my hero since a very young age as I watched her being crowned queen when I was 8 years old…Since that time I have always kept up pretty much on how her family grew and in general loved what I would read or watch….to the point I am very fond of she and her family…was saddened as we all were at the death of Diana and how it would leave the boys…but they have rocked on through the years and are now husbands and fathers…I loved their mother and her lovely wedding to the prince…saddened again as it was not the Cinderella story..Diana was well educated and lovely….With those ups and downs they have done pretty well especially the eldest and wife…won’t go into my opinion or lack of one with the younger son and his wife…THAT AGAIN BEING SAID…I still will watch and still keep on my lovely Queen of hearts…may she enjoy the rest of the ride and keep wearing that crown….God save the queen..


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