Prince Edward: This affront from Prince Charles

Prince Charles, Duke of Edinburgh since the death of Prince Philip, would refuse to pass on the title to his brother, Prince Edward. The latter has been waiting to get it back for more than twenty years, reports The Sun this Saturday, July 10.

There is water in the gas between Prince Edward and his older brother. At the death of their father in April, Prince Charles inherited the title of Duke of Edinburgh, as is the tradition. A title that will have to go, one day, to the youngest son of the Prince Consort. Since 1999, the husband of Elizabeth II had promised his youngest son that he would give him the title “in due course”, with the blessing of the Queen. But this transmission could well turn short: the father of William and Harry would indeed not intend to give this famous title to his brother, reports The Sun this Saturday July 10.

After his marriage to Sophie Rhys-Jones, Prince Edward became Count of Wessex, but he has no title of Duke. “The prince is the Duke of Edinburgh as it stands, and it’s up to him what happens to the title. It won’t go to Edward,” a source close to Prince Charles told The Sun. According to another source, “as far as Prince [Charles] is concerned, the title will not go to Wessex.

” When Elizabeth II dies, her son Charles will become king and can then grant Edward the title of duke. But will he do so or will he give it to another member of the royal clan? Prince Edward himself is not convinced that his brother will respect the promise of their late father. “It was obvious in theory, a long time ago, when it was a dream of my father… And of course, it will depend on whether the Prince of Wales, when he becomes king, will do it or not… We can only wait and see,” he had reacted in an interview with the BBC last June and The Sun echoed.

Stubborn resentments

These tensions on the background of heritage reflect the disagreement between Prince Charles and his younger brother, whom he considers “pompous, full of himself and stupid. As revealed by our colleagues from Le Point, the eldest of the siblings has a certain hatred tinged with jealousy towards the husband of Sophie of Wessex. The latter is indeed close to her mother-in-law the Queen, while Elizabeth II has never really accepted the presence of Camilla Parker-Bowles in the royal clan, despite her flawless since her marriage to Charles. That said, the relationship between Charles and his younger brother, Prince Andrew, is just as icy: the Prince of Wales removed his brother from his official duties because of his links with the sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, which the main interested party has never forgiven, according to Le Point.

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