Meghan Markle in Princess Anne’s sights all along?

Since her arrival in the British royal family, Meghan Markle has not been unanimous among the Windsors. And it seems that Princess Anne was the first to oppose the American actress.

The arrival of Meghan Markle has caused tension within the British Royal family. From his meeting with Prince Harry in 2016, some members of the Windsors do not see eye to eye this actress entered the life of the son of Prince Charles. Starting with Princess Anne, as explained by royal expert Lady Colin Campbell in The Sun. Known for her outspokenness, the daughter of Elizabeth II would not have been shy to say so. Princess Anne was one of the first to declare to Prince Harry: “do not marry this girl, she is not suitable”.

Prince Charles‘ sister was very clear from the beginning about Meghan Markle. “She is not for us, she is not for the country, she is not for this job,” she let the brother of Prince William know. Obviously, the latter did not take into account this opinion. The Megxit would not have been a surprise for Princess Anne. In April 2020, three months after the announcement of the Sussexes expressing their desire to emancipate themselves from the Royal family, the daughter of Elizabeth II had addressed them a thinly veiled pique in the columns of Vanity Fair.

Between Meghan Markle Prince Harry and Princess Anne: the torch burns

She bitterly regretted that the younger generation wants to turn everything upside down. “You do not necessarily look at what the previous generation did. (…) These days, they’re much more like, ‘Let’s do things in a new way.’ And I’m already at the stage of, ‘Please don’t reinvent the wheel. We’ve been there before. We’ve done this before. Some of these things don’t work.

Maybe you should go back to the basics,” she explained. In her explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle had not forgotten this affront and was quick to respond to the criticism made by Princess Anne. Between the Sussex and Princess Anne, the torch has been burning for months … And according to Lady Colin Campbell, it is also the latter who would be targeted by the accusations of racism revealed by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

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  1. Meghan is definitely not in the same whips of wind; Mm is the violent multi-directional wind which wouldn’t bother whatever damages it had caused, while the Royals are the gentle wind crossing at high altitude trying to spread some moist along the way!__ade c. 15 july 2021 sydney australia

  2. Markel is just such a selfish, self centered, opinionated showgirl. Poor Harry the lackey jumps when she opens a her mouth and complies. He must grow a pair.

  3. The style of life Harry has chosen is simply not for Harry, sooner than later, he will feel the brunt of it, he is very much degraded, it’s just not the culture he was borne to. Meghan is too old now to try to line herself with the hoipoloi of the American aristocracy whose ancestors paved it for them, Meghan can’t do it in one day… she hasn’t the brain humility patience energy and sound judgment! The only way for the Mm&H is to go back and make amends to the Royals, if they want a respectable family life!


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