Elizabeth II: Royal outing for a surprise visit to the Sandringham stables

While spending a weekend at her home in Norfolk, the Queen was spotted driving to the stables at Sandringham.

Since the death of Prince Philip, she had not returned there. Queen Elizabeth II, who is a horse lover, was seen driving her Range Rover near the stables at Commodore Yard. On Sunday, July 18, as reported by the Daily Mail newspaper, the Queen was accompanied by two men, one of whom appeared to be John Warren, her horse racing advisor. This unexpected visit to Sandringham is the ideal opportunity to get away from family conflicts and to renew, for a weekend, with one of her passions.

In a white top printed with pink roses, covered with a green sleeveless vest, the Queen had surely come to attend an equestrian training session. Indeed, several horses would have been driven near the Commodore’s court, where this kind of session usually takes place. This assumption makes sense, since the queen has owned, over the years, about a hundred horses. She could very well have wanted to buy another one on Sunday, July 18, before taking it to a horse race.


A sixth sense

At 95, the queen still loves these animals. Just last year, she was seen riding a horse. It must be said that between the queen and maned animals, there is a kind of alchemy. Elizabeth II has even developed a sixth sense. Her horses have won no less than 1,600 victories in horse races. Her former equestrian advisor, Sir Michael Oswald, told a BBC documentary in 2013: “She knows so much about horses and how they behave, how they react. I think she has done more than anyone in the history of the Royal Family to improve and raise the standard of horse breeding.” Clearly, the Queen’s passion and business acumen have not left her.

Photo credits: Splash News/ABACA



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