Elizabeth II at Balmoral: The Queen begins her first summer vacation without Prince Philip

Both bereaved and tired, Queen Elizabeth II went to Balmoral. A trip organized to overcome the scandal caused by the revelation of the book of Prince Harry.

Queen Elizabeth II went to Balmoral. This is the first trip of the Queen away from Windsor since the death of Prince Philip. The reason for this trip is to get past the scandal caused by the revelation of the book of Prince Harry. The Duke of Sussex has recently concluded an agreement for four books. One of them will not be published until after the Queen’s death. Insiders have told The Sun some fears. Indeed, Prince Harry may have his own records and documents in order to apprehend possible claims.

Remember that last April, Queen Elizabeth II visited Scotland and told her aides that she wanted to avoid London. The city would bring back too many painful memories of Prince Philip. “She couldn’t wait to leave. She is still in deep mourning and wanted to go to Balmoral to get away. She’s also incredibly tired. The announcement of Harry‘s book and the new claims that he might release four books is the last thing she needed,” the source tells The Sun.

Bad sign for the Monarchy

“It’s only been a little over three months since Philip was laid to rest, so the book announcement is incredibly insensitive and seems to give the monarchy another middle finger,” admits The Sun’s source. “But His Majesty has told his family and staff that the only way to deal with this situation is to get past it,” again according to the source.

Prince Harry‘s memoirs are scheduled to be published next year, to coincide with the Queen’s platinum jubilee. The books will focus on the ups and downs of the Duke of Sussex’s royal life. Moreover, close friends of the Sussexes have claimed that Meghan and Harry would have kept receipts as well as documents to prove all the claims that will be published.



  1. To our most love Your Royal Highness ,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, may you gain some comfort and relaxation that you deserve…..
    May God protect and guide Harry back to you and hope that he gets the guidance and advice he really needs at this point in time.

    Please pray for me and my family as I myself have an adult daughter who has shown similar traits , I only hope we as parents and grandparents get some comfort from above as we are being tested .
    Your Royal Highness,
    May God give you strength and comfort, we adore you and your family is so proud of you.
    Kind regards,
    Helen Margiolis (0411 473 559)


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