Elizabeth II depressed during her vacation at Balmoral? She is worried

As every year, Queen Elizabeth II is about to spend her summer vacations at Balmoral Castle. A stay that promises to be stressful for the monarch, according to the royal expert Duncan Larcombe.

It’s a tradition she never breaks. Every year, Queen Elizabeth II spends her summer vacations at Balmoral Castle. The 95 year old queen makes it a point to visit her favorite Scottish castle, which is her royal residence. There, the monarch disconnects from her obligations, the media and takes time for herself, far from her tumultuous Buckingham Palace.

Only this year, the stay of Queen Elizabeth II will have a very different taste than the previous ones. According to royal expert Duncan Larcombe, the Queen of England’s summer vacation will be tinged with sadness, after the death of Prince Philip, which occurred on April 9. “The Queen has been surrounded by a blanket of support since Philip’s death. She will have regular guests to stay with her at the estate. But it will still be tough,” he told OK Magazine. According to the author, the Duke of Edinburgh’s role was not simply to bask at his wife’s side. During their vacation in Scotland, Prince Philip took the reins of the family so that Queen Elizabeth II could relax. “Philip really liked to take control of the festivities at Balmoral. He would let her sit back and relax,” added Duncan Larcombe.

Will the Sussex couple be at Balmoral?

If Queen Elizabeth II will be able to count on the presence of guests to support her, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not be in the party. “If it wasn’t for the health crisis and all the drama that has happened with Harry and Meghan in recent months, they would certainly have been invited to Balmoral,” explained Duncan Larcombe. According to the author, the Duke of Sussex would have ended up “canceling the invitation because of his previous actions and public confidences”. And yet, a family reunion would have “allowed the Queen to see Archie again and meet Lilibet”.

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