Elizabeth II touched and moved : This gesture that upsets her

A few weeks ago, Elizabeth II received a “rather awful” portrait of her late husband, painted by a young English woman. The Queen nevertheless wanted to send a letter to the author of the painting to thank her.

Honor Morisson is 23 years old, and she was particularly touched by the death and funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh, last April. The young woman then decided to paint a portrait of Prince Philip, as reported by the Mirror, this Tuesday, July 27. A work that she was not satisfied: “He looked a bit scary and I felt he was looking at me. I didn’t want it anymore, but I didn’t want to throw it in the trash.” The Englishwoman then posted a video on TikTok stating that if she got more than 1,000 likes, she would send the painting to Buckingham Palace. The video went viral and so the young woman kept her promise by sending the famous failed portrait of Prince Philip to the Queen. “I sent it in May and there has been silence since,” reports the artist.

A few days ago, Honor Morisson received a letter from Buckingham Palace. She then filmed herself opening the mail. In the envelope was a photo of the Duke of Edinburgh and a personalized letter from Elizabeth II. “The Queen wishes me to write to you and thank you very much for your message of sympathy and for the lovely picture you sent on the death of Her Majesty’s beloved husband, the Duke of Edinburgh,” the letter read.

The Queen has been deeply touched by the messages she has received from all over the world and is very grateful for your thoughtful support of Her Majesty at this time by sending her your kind gift.” This second video of Honor Morisson opening the mail she received from Elizabeth II, who is about to spend her summer vacation at Balmoral Castle, has been viewed more than 1.7 million times and many internet users were also surprised that the queen took the time to respond to the young woman.

Honor Morisson: “I’m really honored and grateful.”

“It’s crazy,” said the young woman in the columns of the daily newspaper. “I’m just really honored and grateful,” she said. It’s incredibly touching and I didn’t expect anything in return.” When sending her painting, Honor Morisson didn’t even imagine that it would be seen by the queen. “I thought sending a big package to Buckingham Palace would look a little fishy and it would end up being destroyed,” she admitted. She concluded, “I’m just really surprised and it’s one of those things I’ll keep forever and be sure to tell my grandchildren about in years to come.”

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE



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