Elizabeth II surprises Buckingham and makes a surprising decision

The health crisis has left many people in a bad way, including the royal family, which has not been spared. To remedy this loss of money, Elizabeth II took a big decision, which was unexpected to say the least and described as historic.

Elizabeth II rolls up her sleeves for the future of the Monarchy. Across the Channel, the Queen has made a big decision: Buckingham Palace will be open to the public. After a year marked by the pandemic, it is high time to take things in hand. The royal family has been losing money since the beginning of the health restrictions and the closure of cultural venues.

The funds generated by visiting the royal monuments allowed the Windsors to finance the maintenance of their heritage. But because of these months of closure due to Covid-19, the coffers are $50 million short. According to Newsweek, in parallel to this lack of money, 165 jobs have been cut including “124 on voluntary departure and 6 forced.” Not to mention that fixed-term contracts have not been renewed, internships and apprenticeships have been cancelled.

Faced with this critical economic situation, Elizabeth II has taken a historic decision. From now on, Buckingham Palace can be visited by the British people as well as tourists. From September 19 at 10 am, it will be possible to picnic in the Queen’s lair alongside 30 species of birds, 325 plants and some 1,000 trees. To access this privilege, it will cost £16.50 per adult. But nothing is too good to have lunch near Elizabeth II’s quarters and to do a good deed. The profits will help to replenish the royal coffers and hire new staff to take care of the historic monuments.

Elizabeth II: The good times for the monarchy

Before Covid-19 turned society upside down, the Queen kept the Crown’s books afloat (very well). If each year her expenses are counted in tens of millions, the economic spin-offs of the royalty are counted in billions! In general, the maintenance of its properties amounts to 4.3 million per year, including plumbing, light bulbs to be changed – which is a ruin – and roofs. Not to mention the one million in postage costs for postcards. But each expense, although colossal, is in fact very well thought out and brings in a lot of money. The accounts of the royal family should not be long in the green again.

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