Elizabeth II: This astonishing video of her which makes the buzz

A video dating from 2005 is making the buzz on social networks. It shows Queen Elizabeth II saying a slang word, while an artist paints her portrait.

For several days, Queen Elizabeth II has been making the buzz. Not for her last official appearance nor because of a recent speech she made, but for a video that dates back to 2005. As reported by The Sun, this Wednesday, July 28, 2021, the Queen of England had been filmed 16 years ago for a documentary soberly entitled The Queen. During a sequence of the documentary, the artist Rolf Harris is making the official portrait of the monarch.


Queen Elizabeth II and the artist are at Buckingham Palace. She is sitting quietly and Rolf Harris is painting her. Suddenly, the sovereign confides that she “sees herself growing old” through the different paintings of her that have been done. Rolf Harris asks the sovereign if this bothers her. After a few seconds of reflection, the wife of Prince Philip says: “Naaah! I’m used to it now.” A little slang word that made the Internet users jump 16 years later. According to The Sun, the video recently resurfaced on TikTok and created a real buzz to the point and that it has been viewed over two million times.

Elizabeth II very strict on her vocabulary

If the video exploded so much on social networks, it is because Queen Elizabeth II never pronounces slang words or vulgarities. On the contrary, the sovereign makes it a point of honor to always speak correctly, articulate and has thus banned certain words from her vocabulary. According to the revelations of social anthropologist and author Kate Fox, the Queen of England never uses, for example, the word “posh” in English. Instead, she prefers to pronounce the word “smart” in the language of Shakespeare. And that’s not all, the monarch uses very little, if ever, the words “toilet”, “function”, “living room” or “speaker”.

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