The Prince : After The Crown, the British royal family is not at the end of its troubles

The Crown is not at the end of its troubles. This Thursday, July 29, HBO Max released a new animated series called The Prince. But why should the monarchy worry about it?

The series The Prince still plans to make sparks fly in English-speaking countries. Revealed by the HBO Max platform this Thursday, July 29, this animated series features Prince George, the eldest son of Kate Middleton and Prince William, who recently celebrated his eighth birthday, and tells the daily life of the royal family of England. But it is particularly satirical, since it draws grotesque portraits of all members of the Windsor-Mountbatten clan. What’s more? The show is produced by Gary Janetti, producer well known for his work in Family Guy.

What to give cold sweats to Her Majesty Elizabeth II and her entourage, which must therefore expect all the mockery. In the cast, writer and producer Gary Janetti has agreed to lend his voice to Prince George, while Orlando Bloom will hide behind the role of Prince Harry. Iwan Rheon, aka Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones, has been chosen to bring the character of Prince William to life. His ex-wife on the screens, or rather Sophie Turner, is also part of the project. She got the role of Princess Charlotte. Finally, Dan Stevens, seen in Downton Abbey, is entitled to two roles: Prince Charles and Prince Philip.


What other series has worried the monarchy?

Recall that this is not the first series to worry the British monarchy. In November 2020, it was Netflix that set the world on fire with the release of season four of The Crown. This one, in particular devoted to the difficult union between Prince Charles and Lady Diana, was strongly criticized by those close to the royal family. And this, because it drew an unflattering portrait of the Crown Prince and evoked without taboo his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, among other compromising subjects for the Crown.




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