Elizabeth II incognito: Her funny answer to tourists who did not recognize her

Sometimes it’s hard for celebrities to go unnoticed. But the Queen of England managed to enjoy a rare moment as a regular lady.

When Elizabeth II is away from her role as Queen of England, she swaps her usual colorful wardrobe for more sober outfits and scarves tied around her hair. It is thanks to this change of clothing that Elizabeth II would not have been recognized by a group of American tourists. Her former security guard confided this amazing story to The Times. A news that the Mirror hastened to share, this Sunday, August 1.

The security guard reveals that during her vacation at Balmoral the previous year, the monarch met, during a walk, a group of Americans. The tourists asked her if she lived in the area. The queen simply replied that she had a home nearby. The vacationers, without suspecting for a moment the identity of their interlocutor, then asked the question: “Have you ever met the Queen? Elizabeth II was immediately amused by this funny situation. She would have answered to the group: “No, but this policeman did it”, by pointing out his bodyguard. The former officer, who collaborated for more than 30 years with the Queen, then said that the tourists had quickly resumed their walk.

A very different vacation

If this anecdote should not fail to make the queen smile, her first vacation in her Scottish home since the death of her husband, Prince Philip, could revive other more painful memories, filled with nostalgia. Elizabeth II spent a lot of time as a child in this house. And it was with her own family that she later spent the summer. Last May, the Daily Mail reported that this vacation was an opportunity for the queen to reflect after the difficult moments of 2021, and especially after the tensions that remain between members of the royal family.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE



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