Lady Di: Why she divided her time between the United States and the United Kingdom

Sarah Ferguson, who was once close to Lady Di, shared that she willingly split her time between the United States and the United Kingdom. This is for her children.

It is Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, who confides the division of Princess Diana. Indeed, Lady Di would have been divided between the United States and the United Kingdom. A division whose cause was her children, Princes William and Harry, according to Sarah Ferguson. Once a close friend of Diana, Sarah Ferguson confides that the heart of the late princess was divided between California and London. The duchess also confides that the princess was proud of her two boys. A pride still de rigueur despite some conflicts between the two.

This statement comes at the right time. After all, many reports are currently fusing on the explosion of the sibling relationship. A situation caused by the decision of the Duke of Sussex to retire from the royal life and move to the United States. Reason why the two brothers have met only a few times this year. This is, of course, the funeral of Prince Philip and the unveiling of the statue of Lady Di at Kensington Palace.

She would still be proud of her boys

It was in an interview with The Sun that Sarah Ferguson spoke out. “I think first and foremost, she would embrace her grandchildren and be so proud of her two sons and their wives. She would be traveling between Santa Barbara and Kensington Palace. She would also be championing her causes when it comes to children’s charities,” said Prince Andrew’s ex-wife.

This is a statement made before the release of her new novel Mills & Boon Her Heart For A Compass. It is a fictional novel set in Victorian England. The story features Margaret navigating her way through royal life.



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