“Not the smartest”: Princess Eugenie’s husband tackled by his own family

Jack Brooksbank may love his beloved grandma, but he certainly didn’t like the comments she made before he married Eugenie of York…

Good mood! When Eugenie of York married Jack Brooksbank in 2018, she surprised her in-laws. She probably did not expect such a reaction from the maternal grandmother of her beloved … A few months before the wedding, Joanna Newton, then aged 91, had let herself go to some confidences on the relationship of her grandson with this pretty princess. And the least we can say is that she had not been very nice to him. “I never thought he would marry a princess. He is a charming boy, but well, it is not the most intelligent, “she had then declared to the Daily Mail. His little “Jacky” must have appreciated…

Princess Eugenie's husband Jack Brooksbank charters boat with three  glamorous female pals


Joanna Newton didn’t stop there and dressed her grandson for winter, adding: “I didn’t think he would go this far and become a member of the royal family. (…) I wouldn’t say there’s anything special about him. But he’s a nice, handsome boy.” If the nonagenarian had dared to talk like that about her grandson to the British press, had she been as dry with granddaughter-in-law? Well, no!

Sarah Ferguson defends son-in-law Jack Brooksbank after he was yachting  with female pals: 'Man' of 'integrity' | Fox News


Eugenie of York marked the grandmother of her husband

At the time, Eugenie of York had only met once the grandmother of her future husband. But she had made a good impression on him. Joanna Newton told the Daily Mail that she found her “very nice” and that – to her credit – there was “nothing pompous” or “too royal” about her. Considering how she portrayed Jack Brooksbank, Princess Eugenie really came off well.

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