Meghan Markle turns 40: Elizabeth II’s message surprises internet users

This Wednesday, August 4, Meghan Markle celebrates her 40th birthday. To mark the occasion, Elizabeth II wished her via her social networks. An attention that surprises the Internet users.

To celebrate her 40th birthday as it should be, Meghan Markle has associated with the famous party organizer that Oprah Winfrey recommended: Colin Cowie. 65 guests are expected at this event, which should take place in a country atmosphere in their mansion in Montecito. For the occasion, the Duchess of Sussex was also entitled to an expensive birthday cake from Prince Harry and now a very special attention from Queen Elizabeth II.

On the official Twitter account of the royal family, the monarch has indeed not failed to mark the occasion on this special day. While Prince Charles could end up taking away all the titles “in a flash” to the Sussex couple, Her Majesty, she wrote a birthday message to the American actress. “Wishing The Duchess of Sussex a very Happy Birthday today!” (“I wish a very happy birthday to the Duchess of Sussex”), it reads. An attention that surprised many Internet users on the social network. If some say that according to them, she does not deserve it, others emphasize the “elegance” of the gesture of the queen.


An inevitable chore for the Royal family?

But isn’t this message above all a way to avoid new rumors? At least this is the theory of some experts of the Crown, convinced that the members of the royal family will send birthday messages to the mother of Archie and Lilibet Diana, not wanting to take the risk of letting the tensions impact the family image. “I think they will grit their teeth and post a public message. I think Charles, the queen, William and Kate don’t want to make things worse by returning the blows they’ve received, but privately they’re certainly upset about the turn of events. They are not obliged to wish him his birthday but they do not want to make the situation worse,” said Phil Dampier in the columns of The Sun Online.

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