Jack Brooksbank in turmoil: a model present with the husband of Princess Eugenie testifies

Saturday, July 31, 2021, Jack Brooksbank was seen on a yacht with models. While this outing has caused controversy, the model Erica Pelson agreed to confide in the columns of the Daily Mail.

Pictures that are talking a lot … Six months after the birth of their son, August, Jack Brooksbank, the husband of Princess Eugenie was seen celebrating on a yacht with models in Capri. While he was there for the Luisaviaroma charity gala in favor of Unicef, the Daily Mail had shared some shots with the headline: “Good luck explaining these photos to Eugenie, Jack! The princess’ husband was spotted on a yacht in Capri with three women – one of whom was topless – while his wife stayed home with the baby.”

Faced with the controversy, it is in the columns of the Daily Mail, that Erica Pelsoni, the model who had been taken in topless photo wished to testify. Embarrassed, she said: “Usually, I am never topless, but my bikini was wet and I decided to remove it. I know it doesn’t look good for Jack and his family. I felt really bad for them when I saw the pictures of him surrounded by three women, because his wife wasn’t there.” Regretting being physically close to Jack Brooksbank explained, “It led people to make inappropriate suggestions and jump to conclusions and it’s very hurtful that people think that. I’m really sorry if I embarrassed Princess Eugenie and Jack. It wasn’t appropriate.”

Erica Pelsoni: “I felt he had a strong relationship with his wife.”

Assuring that Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s daughter had nothing to worry about, Erica Pelsoni revealed, “We were there as friends and co-workers to have a wonderful afternoon in the Italian sunshine. Jack is a dear friend and I have known him for many years.” After revealing that Jack Brooksbank showed her many photos of his son on the trip and confided how much he missed Princess Eugenie, the model added, “I felt he had a strong relationship with his wife. She knows nothing is going on.”



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