Sarah Ferguson: The Queen’s daughter-in-law soon to appear in a famous American reality show?

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, could participate in a famous cooking show. She said she is ready to take on any challenge on The One Show.

Even as her romance novel comes out the day after the show, Sarah Ferguson is excited about another challenge. The Queen’s daughter-in-law is reportedly tempted to take part in the hit show Celebrity Masterchef. The show has seen some of showbiz’s must-see celebrities drop by to cook for its judges. The presenter of The One Show showed that he wouldn’t mind a member of the royal family taking part in the cooking show. The presenter exclaimed, “next year we’ll sign you up [on the show].”

On The One Show, Sarah was joined by Penny Lancaster and Dion Dublin. Both celebrities, Loose Women presenter and former footballer, are going to be on Celebrity Masterchef. Penny was telling her story about being on the show when the Duchess of York interrupted. Sarah thought that Penny might inspire her to do the show herself. To that end, she said, “Maybe you should inspire me to try [cooking] sometime.” Penny took her at her word and retorted, “Here you go, Sarah, you’re going to sign up [for Masterchef]!”

“I’ll watch Penny and Dion first and then, you know…”

Nothing is confirmed yet, but Gethin Jones, the other host of The One Show seems to be confident and excited. He talked about how “Sarah was just an email away from joining the show.” The Duchess of York also seems to be showing enthusiasm for this possible participation in the Celebrity Masterchef show.

At the same time, the Duchess is also very busy with the release of her novel. Her new romance novel is titled “Her Heart for a Compass”. The novel tells the life of her great-grandmother Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott. The princess is also said to have plans to adapt her novel into a drama series in the style of Bridgerton.



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