Elizabeth II and Sarah Ferguson reunited at Balmoral: The background to an unexpected invitation

Sarah Ferguson is back in the limelight: Prince Andrew’s ex-wife has been invited to stay with Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral, as revealed this Friday, August 6 by the Daily Mail

The invitation is official, and marks another step in the redemption of Sarah Ferguson with the royal family. The website of the British daily The Daily Mail revealed this Friday, August 6, “Fergie” has been officially invited to join the Queen at Balmoral, her summer resort. It is a source close to the royal family who revealed it to Richard Eden, specialist in crowned heads for the Mail Online. “Sarah Ferguson is getting ready to come. She will come here with Prince Andrew,” the source revealed.

Still, it won’t be the first time the Duchess of York has returned to Elizabeth II’s summer sanctuary. But what has changed with this new invitation is that Sarah Ferguson will not have to run away to the English before the arrival of Prince Philip. Died in April 2021, the Duke of Edinburgh avoided as much as possible his ex-bru, since “Fergie” had made the headlines in 1992, with a lover then, a Texas financier. The photos, scandalous in the devil, showed the duchess topless, being nonchalantly sucked the toes by John Bryan, the American “financial adviser” with whom she had an affair. At the time, in August 1992, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were still married, but their separation was already official. Ironically, it was at Balmoral that she was when the photos were published by The Daily Mail.


The queen impressed by the relationship of Andrew and Sarah Ferguson

But despite the scent of scandal long associated with Sarah Ferguson, the Daily Mail reports that the Queen would appreciate the loyalty she has shown to the royal family, since the official divorce in 1996. Elizabeth II would even be “impressed” by the still very close relationship that the former York spouses maintain. Indeed, Andrew and Sarah Ferguson still live in the same place: they share the Royal Lodge in Windsor, for several years.

According to sources interviewed by the Daily Mail, Elizabeth II “burns for life to return to normal”, and at Balmoral too. According to sources close to the Queen, she would have expressed the desire to revive a summer tradition: “Family barbecues are back on the agenda, even without Philip to participate, for the first time. After the death of her husband, Elizabeth II had retired to the Scottish castle, where the couple had lived real moments of happiness, in total privacy. She should stay there until the beginning of October, with occasional visits from the family.

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