Elizabeth II on vacation: Royal arrival at Balmoral

The vacations are finally starting for Queen Elizabeth II. For her first summer without Prince Philip, Her Majesty made a royal arrival in Balmoral, Scotland. She is expecting the members of the royal family in the coming days.

Queen Elizabeth II has decided not to change her habits. And if this summer is the first one without her late husband Prince Philip, Her Majesty will nevertheless spend it where she feels so well during this summer period: at Balmoral. This Monday, August 9, the 95-year-old monarch finally arrived at her residence in Balmoral, Scotland. “The Queen has arrived at Balmoral Castle for her summer vacation,” reads the caption to a shot of Elizabeth II looking very elegant in pink as she makes a royal arrival outside the castle gates, where a small ceremony was held for the occasion.

Her Majesty was greeted by a hedge of honor guards, Scottish regiments, as can be seen in this photo published a few hours ago on the official account of the British royal family. But what will she do with her days there? The health restrictions related to Covid-19 lifted this Monday, August 9 in the country,The Sun revealed that the grandmother of Princes William and Harry intends to gather her family for barbecue. She also likes to take advantage of her Scottish castle to go out incognito within her domain, exempted from royal functions and protocol.

Which members of the Royal family will be visiting her?

In this sumptuous castle of Balmoral, originally built in the fifteenth century and subsequently purchased by Queen Victoria 1852, the widow of the Duke of Edinburgh will also be able to receive members of the royal family. She will be able to count on the presence and support of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who will visit her in the Highlands. Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are regulars at the site. And this year, Elizabeth II, to the surprise of everyone, invited Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew to visit her, according to information from the royal expert and journalist Richard Eden.

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  1. love the Queen so much, a shining example of correct ness on every level. I hope she has lotsa’ fun and breathes beautiful air and rides horses and eats well, and enjoys every second of the, Our sooooooooooooooo blessed life. Carry on, in real, real joy and happiness!!! love, Seena Lowenkron (Lion crown) and her 2 awesome cats, Jackie and Spirit Sparkle….. I breath in, they breathe out. They are my soul guides and the love resting in my soul, forever, for, and with them….2Angels sigh…………..Meow, xxxxz


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