Lady Louise Windsor: it’s a big day for the Queen’s granddaughter

Lady Louise Windsor may be very discreet, but she is still a future leading member of the royal family. And this August 10th is a big one for the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

Lady Louise Windsor is the eldest daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie of Wessex. The 17-year-old girl was raised with the utmost discretion, going only to official events of the royal family. But close to Prince Philip, who shared her passion for horseback riding, and being the favorite granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Louise Windsor is often presented by royal experts as a future leading member of the royal family. And while she may soon choose to become a princess, in the meantime she is just another student for whom this August 10 is a big day, reports Hello.

Indeed, she is one of the thousands of students who received their A level results, short for Advanced Level, this day. While normally these are tests, this time due to covid-19, grade evaluations for the year replaced them. Each year, more than 175,000 students aged 16 to 19 take these AS Levels and A Levels in more than 125 countries before entering university. Last September, Lady Louise Windsor revealed that she was studying English, History, Politics and Drama.

Her mother Sophie of Wessex confides on her future

However, her results will probably not be made public. This is the decision that was taken by the Palace during her last results last summer. Buckingham Palace had then specified that the grades of the granddaughter of Her Majesty were a private matter. Will the young girl go to university afterwards? On the subject of her academic and professional future, her mother Sophie of Wessex had opened up for the Sunday Times in June 2020. “She works hard and will go to school. I hope she goes to university. I won’t force her, but if she wants to she can. She’s smart enough,” she said of her eldest child. In November, Lady Louise Windsor will also celebrate her 18th birthday and will be able to choose if she wants to become a princess or not. This is unlikely, according to her mother.

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