Elizabeth II locked up with Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson at Balmoral

According to information from the Daily Mirror, Prince Andrew went to Balmoral with Sarah Ferguson to visit Elizabeth II. Accused of multiple sexual assaults, the Duke of York is trying to prepare his defense.

He is again in turmoil. In the midst of a crisis, following accusations of sexual assault, Prince Andrew is currently in Balmoral where Elizabeth II is staying for the vacations. According to royal sources, quoted by the Daily Mirror on Wednesday 11 August, the Duke of York was summoned by the Queen and went to the large family manor with Sarah Ferguson, “to save the last crumbs of his reputation.

This Monday, August 9, Virginia Giuffre filed a complaint against Prince Andrew, accusing him of having sexually assaulted her on three occasions when she was a minor. The American explained that she was “given for sexual purposes” to the son of Elizabeth II as part of the sex trafficking organized by businessman Jeffrey Epstein. In the royal family, “everyone knows that the clock is ticking and that everyone is getting into trouble,” according to sources close to Buckingham Palace.

“In talks” with the Queen

According to the Daily Mail, Prince Andrew would like to issue a statement affirming his innocence and is currently “in talks, both with the Queen and with her advisers,” and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, to whom he is still very close. The Duke of York’s closeness to Jeffrey Epstein had caused him to withdraw from public engagements. In 2019, his interview with the BBC – during which he already claimed his innocence – had provoked the fury of the queen, after being described as a fiasco by the press. According to the plaintiff’s lawyer, David Boies, the Duke of York “can not hide behind the wealth and the walls of the palace”, and must respond to the judicial process. The Daily Mail says that Prince Andrew’s judgment could be enforced in England, through an application to the High Court.

Balmoral damned place for Elizabeth II: these 5 crises she had to overcome there

Despite the absence of Prince Philip this year, Elizabeth II decided not to break the rule. As tradition dictates, the Queen took her summer quarters at Balmoral in Scotland. While she had many happy memories there, she also had to overcome many crises from her Scottish castle.

If this is her first summer without Prince Philip, Elizabeth II has nevertheless decided not to change anything in her ritual.On Monday, August 9, the official Instagram account of the British royal family let it be known that the 95-year-old monarch had arrived at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, to spend her summer vacation. The Queen of England has her habits there, and this for many years. Many times, this haven of peace has allowed her to breathe and get away from the tumult of the monarchy. There, the widow of the Duke of Edinburgh has also enjoyed simple pleasures, such as driving her Range Rover incognito or riding a horse.

But the Scottish castle was not always as peaceful as it seems. On several occasions, the sovereign has had to deal with major crises. The latest? The complaint filed against Prince Andrew, accused of “sexual abuse”. Once again, the summer is darkening for Elizabeth II, who has already faced several cataclysms within her own family. A look back at five significant episodes that occurred when the Queen was staying at Balmoral.

1) Sarah Ferguson’s fooling around with her Texan lover in the press in the summer of 1992
In 1992, Sarah Ferguson made the headlines for reasons that were not to the liking of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. In the sulphurous pictures that were published in the press at the time, the mother of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice was photographed topless in the south of France, having her toes sucked by John Bryan, a Texas businessman with whom she had an affair. Ironically, it was at Balmoral, the summer residence of Her Majesty, that the ex of Prince Andrew was at the time these images were published in the Daily Mirror. Upon discovering these compromising contents for the royal family, Prince Philip would have entered into a black anger and would have demanded that the Duchess of York leave the Scottish residence on the spot. Aware that she would be banished by her family-in-law because of this episode, the interested party complied…

2) Diana’s death in the summer of 1997
Like every year, Elizabeth II went to Balmoral for her summer vacations. On August 31, 1997, the sovereign was interrupted in her sleep by the ringing of her telephone in the middle of the night. And it wasn’t just bad news that night, but a real shock to the British monarchy: the death of Lady Diana, the beloved princess of the British people, from a car accident in Paris. To everyone’s surprise, the wife of Prince Philip preferred to stay a few more days at Balmoral instead of going to London. A choice that has been very criticized by the British. If it is obvious that the relationship has not always been good between the sovereign and her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth II never thought that the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry would know a fate so tragic and brutal …

La reine Elizabeth II, aux côtés du prince Charles et de la princesse Lady Diana, pour l'anniversaire de la reine mère, en 1991.
Queen Elizabeth II, with Prince Charles and Princess Lady Diana, for the Queen Mother’s birthday in 1991.


3) The Wessex business and Sophie Rhys-Jones recorded without her knowledge in the summer of 2001
If she has now gained the confidence of His Majesty, Sophie Rhys-Jones, the wife of Prince Edward, had to fight to make a place for herself within the British royal family. At the beginning of her career, she made a few mistakes. In the summer of 2001, Elizabeth II had to overcome the “Sophie Gate”. While some rumors suggested that Prince Edward liked men, his wife decided to give an interview to the tabloid News of The World to set the record straight about her husband’s sexuality. But she found herself trapped by her interlocutor disguised as an Arab sheikh. Thinking that it was a businessman from Dubai interested in her talents as a communicator, the one who still owned a public relations agency thought she was doing the right thing by indulging in some confidences, which turned out to be very embarrassing for the Crown. Despite her youthful mistakes, the commoner has since made up for it, so much so that some consider her to be Meghan Markle’s “replacement”. A beautiful revenge.

Sophie de Wessex, lors de la messe à la cathédrale St Paul de Londres, pour le 90ème anniversaire de la reine Elizabeth II, le 10 juin 2016.
Agency / Bestimage
Sophie of Wessex, during the mass at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, for the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, June 10, 2016.


4) Meghan Markle and Harry’s luxurious and polluting vacation in Ibiza in the summer of 2019
It was not until the Megxit episode that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made news. Before emancipating themselves from the Crown, the Sussex couple caused harm to the royal family because of their lifestyle, which was repeatedly criticized. Invited by Elizabeth II to spend part of the summer with their family at Balmoral in 2019, the parents of little Archie preferred a sunnier vacation by staying in Ibiza and the French Riviera. In addition to the luxurious places in which they were spotted, Harry and Meghan made the choice to travel by private jet, and this for several tens of thousands of euros. Choices that have made people talk on the other side of the Atlantic, at the very moment when the royal family was trying to reduce its expenses…


5) The death of Jeffrey Epstein in the summer of 2019, which has focused again on the links of Prince Andrew with the pedophile billionaire
In the same year, the queen had to deal with another scandal that splashed the British royal family. The Scottish vacations of Elizabeth II have indeed taken another turn when she discovered that one of her sons, Prince Andrew in this case, was entangled in the case Jeffrey Epstein, which owes its name to the American billionaire indicted in July 2019 for “organized sex trafficking on minors” between 2002 and 2005. The person concerned committed suicide only a month after being incarcerated. From that point on, trouble began for Prince Andrew… Accused of sexual assault on minors, the Duke of York took refuge in Balmoral with his mother that summer.

La reine Elizabeth II et le prince Andrew, lors du Royal Ascot, le 22 juin 2019.
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew, during the Royal Ascot, June 22, 2019.

Since then, the twists and turns have succeeded each other and precipitated the fall of the ex of Fergie. This Monday, August 9, Virginia Giuffre filed a complaint of “sexual abuse” against Prince Andrew in New York. Arrived in his Scottish castle a few days ago, Queen Elizabeth II has begun a crisis cell with his son, Prince Andrew, and his ex-daughter-in-law, Sarah Ferguson, as reported by the Mirror on Wednesday, August 11. Locked up with the monarch and his advisers, Prince Andrew “is fighting to save the last crumb of his reputation,” a source told our British colleagues. A summer that turns once again into a nightmare for the Queen of England, already marked by a difficult beginning of the year …

Photo credits: Agency / Bestimage



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