Sarah Ferguson in Balmoral: Why was she able to return for the first time in 25 years?

Prince Andrew and his former wife Sarah Ferguson are staying with Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral. An invitation event for the Duchess of York who had been banned.

The vacations have begun for Queen Elizabeth II. As every summer, the 95-year-old sovereign spends her vacations at Balmoral Castle, located in northern Scotland. She left Buckingham Palace on August 6 to join her beloved summer residence. For the first time ever, the Queen of England will spend her summer vacations without her husband, Prince Philip, who died on April 9, at Windsor Castle. To support her in this difficult ordeal, members of the royal family will take turns throughout the summer and visit her in the Highlands.

In addition to Prince Edward and Sophie of Wessex, or Prince William and Kate Middleton with their three children, Queen Elizabeth II has also invited Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. The Duke and Duchess of York arrived at Balmoral Castle this Tuesday, August 10. It must be said that the one nicknamed “Fergie” is a regular at the summer sanctuary of the Queen of England, only in recent years, she had to slip away before the arrival of Prince Philip, as reported in The Sun. The Duke of Edinburgh had a tense relationship with his ex-brother-in-law, since Sarah Ferguson made headlines with a lover in 1992. The scandal was such that the royal family decided to banish the Duchess of York.

Prince Andrew in the turmoil?

Recently, it is the turn of Prince Andrew to be at the heart of a scandal. Monday, August 9, Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed a complaint in New York against the Duke of York. She claims to have been the “sex slave” of Jeffrey Epstein and several of his acquaintances, from 1999 to 2002. Among these acquaintances, the 37-year-old woman accuses the favorite son of Queen Elizabeth II of sexual abuse. For several years, Prince Andrew has always claimed his innocence, now it is the American justice to decide.



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