Prince Andrew accused : Princes William and Charles very worried about the Queen

While Prince Andrew is accused of sexual abuse, Prince Charles and Prince William are reportedly worried about Her Majesty Elizabeth II, according to The Mirror.

The disappointments and troubles follow one another for the Royal family. After the storm caused by the truthful interview of the Sussexes and then the death of Prince Philip, the Firm is now weakened by a complaint about Prince Andrew for sexual abuse. Complaint filed by Virginia Giuffre.

A new blow for Her Majesty Elizabeth II and that impacts it particularly: the Duke of York has chosen to take refuge at her side in Balmoral Castle. And, according to information from the British tabloid The Mirror, this Thursday, August 12, the situation would concern two other Windsor. Namely Prince Charles and Prince William. For them, the arrival of Prince Andrew in Scotland would be a source of stress for the sovereign.

“Exasperated” by the setbacks of Prince Andrew, the Dukes of Cournouailles and Cambridge are mostly united and have agreed on an important point. “There will never be a return to public life for Andrew,” said our colleagues across the Channel. “This has only been compounded by the lawsuit filed this week.” However, the concern of Prince Charles and Prince William would be in the process of spreading, according to a source close to the monarchy. “But they, as well as other members, are undoubtedly increasingly concerned about the impact all this turmoil could have on the Queen.” Her Majesty Elizabeth II is used to dealing with crises, however.

What’s at risk for Prince Andrew?

Entangled in the scandal for many months, Prince Andrew now risks (very) much. Still according to The Mirror, the father of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice will have to pay 14 million pounds, or 16.5 million euros, if he can not convince justice of his innocence. And the case is likely to drag because his hearing should not take place for a long time, because of “major judicial obstacles.” The hearing could therefore take place… in five years. Another part in this long soap opera so the Royal family could well have done without as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry threaten to deliver explosive confidences.



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