How Elizabeth II wants to go on the offensive after the Andrew scandal

Accused of rape by the American Virginia Giuffre, Prince Andrew has still not spoken publicly. At his side, Queen Elizabeth II would be ready to support her son to protect the honor of the family tainted by these accusations.

One for all and all for one. After having shown itself united in the face of the shocking statements of the Sussexes, the British royal family is ready to stick together to face the umpteenth scandal that shakes the walls of Buckingham. Since August 9, Prince Andrew is accused of sexual abuse by Virginia Giuffre. The latter accuses the favorite son of Queen Elizabeth II of having sexually assaulted her on several occasions in the 2000s when she was a minor. “A big mess” triggered by the Duke of York that the Windsors have decided to overcome together, as Sarah Vine confided in the columns of the Express. “There comes a time when the reputation of the royal family is greater than the reputation of any member of the family. I think they will close ranks.”

For the royal expert, there is no doubt about it, Her Majesty will not let this affair “taint their image.” If the widow of Prince Philip is more lenient towards her third child, Prince Charles is ready to put pressure on his little brother, says the British columnist. “Charles said that the queen was fantastic and wonderful, but that he was the next heir to the throne. It may then be that he will be less lenient with him than their mother is now.” Increasingly concerned about this scandal, the husband of Camilla Parker-Bowles urges Prince Andrew to urgently address this crisis, as revealed by a royal source in the columns of the Daily Mirror in kiosk on Friday, August 13. As if the rivalries between Princes William and Harry were not enough, the war of brothers Charles and Andrew seem to be the next soap opera of the Windsor.

La reine Elizabeth II entourée de ses deux fils, les princes Charles et Andrew lors de la parade Trooping the Colour, à Londres, le 8 juin 2019.
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Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by her two sons, Princes Charles and Andrew during the Trooping the Colour parade in London on June 8, 2019.


Prince Andrew hidden at Balmoral

For the moment, neither Prince Andrew, nor members of the royal family have commented on these accusations. While this scandal brings the Jeffrey Epstein affair to the surface, the father of Beatrice and Eugenie has chosen to hide in Balmoral, Scotland, with his mother and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. This installation between the walls of the castle and this mutism will not however arrange this business. And everything suggests that the accused will reject the charges against him and will invoke diplomatic immunity in reference to his status as a commercial envoy that he possessed at the time. Already in 2019, the 61-year-old said he had “no recollection” of his meeting with the American woman. If he were to lose the case, Prince Andrew could face a bill of £ 14 million in damages to the alleged victim. Trouble with the law that may make Balmoral Castle his golden prison for an indefinite period.

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  1. This woman accuser must be investigated, it couldn’t be rape! She must have been sent to Andrew by sex business syndicate and she must have had the knowledge of why she is meeting Andrew! Epstein is proven of this syndicate!


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