Princess Anne: The day Elizabeth II’s daughter left Sarah Ferguson in tears

The relationship between Princess Anne and Sarah Ferguson has always been complicated. And for good reason, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II has never really accepted the Duchess of York in the royal family…

The first steps of Sarah Ferguson in the British royal family have not been easy. After her marriage to Prince Andrew in 1986, the Duchess of York has done everything to integrate the family of the Queen of England. Only, her daughter, Princess Anne, did not appreciate it. In a documentary entitled The Duchess’s Fall, royal biographer David Leigh returned to an event that traumatized the one nicknamed “Fergie”. Princess Anne made him cry at a family dinner.

In his documentary, the biographer says: “Anne once called her a ‘foreigner’ at a family lunch. And there was an intense argument between Andrew and Anne. Fergie came out in tears.” Then David Leigh continues: “Andrew asked Anne to apologize, which she did. But after that, Fergie and Anne had a very cold relationship, icy even,” reports The Express. It must be said that few commonalities link Sarah Ferguson, now divorced from Prince Andrew, and Princess Anne, who refused the royal titles for her children.

The support of Lady Di

If Sarah Ferguson sometimes felt alone, even abandoned by some members of the royal family, she could nevertheless count on the support of Princess Diana. In the documentary Fergie vs Diana: Royal Wives at War, Daily Mail editor Richard Kay recalled a specific time when Lady Diana stepped up to the plate to defend Sarah Ferguson from Princess Anne.

“Diana stood up and more or less asked Anne, ‘You’ve got to give her a break. Fergie is good for the family, but she’s having a hard time adjusting, just like me before her,'” the journalist recounts. A rebuke that Princess Anne had difficulty accepting. After their dispute, relations remained very tense between the sisters-in-law, so much so that Princess Anne made sure to cross paths with Lady Di as little as possible …

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