Charlene of Monaco finally reunited with Albert and their twins: she lets her joy explode

Blocked in South Africa for months because of an infection of the ENT sphere, Charlene of Monaco was finally able to find her family. Accompanied by their twins Jacques and Gabriella, Prince Albert II went to his wife’s bedside. The reunion immortalized by a series of pictures unveiled on social networks.

The hour of the reunion sounded! Blocked in South Africa following an infection of the ENT sphere, Charlene of Monaco was forced to live away from his family, remained on the Rock, for many weeks. But while she recently underwent a four-hour operation, Prince Albert and their twins Jacques and Gabriella decided to come and support her during her convalescence. As evidenced by a series of snapshots posted this Wednesday, August 25, on Princess Charlene’s official account, the former swimmer recently received a visit from her husband and children in her native country. “I’m so happy to have my family with me again,” she commented, captioning the photos showing a smiling family united in the ordeal. And to joke about the new haircut of her daughter: “Gabriella decided to have her hair cut!!! Sorry my Bella, I did my best to fix it.”

In a recent statement, relayed by our confreres of Nice-Matin, the Princely Palace had already mentioned the upcoming arrival of Prince Albert II of Monaco and his children in South Africa. The principality announced that the son of Grace Kelly was to join his wife “in a few days to accompany her during her convalescence”. It is now done, to the delight of Princess Charlene, who was eager to be able to hug her twins again.

Charlene soon back in Monaco?

Due to her complicated health condition, Charlene of Monaco was forced to give up an important date in the life of Jacques and Gabriella. Held in South Africa, she will not be able to attend their first day of kindergarten, which takes place in September. After two years of kindergarten, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella are indeed preparing to make their arrival in primary school. Last July, Prince Albert’s wife gave an interview to South African radio station 702 and confided that she hoped to return to the Rock next October. “I can not force recovery, so I will be stuck in South Africa until the end of October,” she said. It remains to be seen if her health will allow her to travel on that date…

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