Prince William’s cousin is a committed and tattooed fashionista

With her slim figure, her youthful blondness and her many tattoos, Lady Amelia Windsor, who celebrates her 26th birthday in style on August 24, 2021, has an atypical physique and a special aura in the fashion world. The cousin of Harry and William has not finished to make talk about her.
Lady Amelia Windsor, the fashionista cousin of Princes William and Harry, turns 26 on August 24, 2021. Although still single, she is always perfectly dressed in short or long dresses, sneakers or moccasins, she is in all the fashion parties organized by brands like Louis Vuitton or Bulgari.

In 2021, for her 25th birthday, she is on the cover of the Italian Elle, never misses a fashion show and collaborates with many fashion brands. On her resume, she accumulates profession of model of the agency Stormodels and 38th position in the succession to the British Crown. At the same time the cousin of Prince William, party-girl and mastering perfectly the social networks, the young girl shared on instagram the many wishes received for her birthday.

Less held to any protocol than Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle, Amelia Windsor can afford to collaborate with a jewelry brand and go to a party by mixing elegant dress and double-soled sneakers on her feet. The young woman, who is said to be close to a famous singer, made the cover of the Italian Elle this summer 2020, no longer misses a single fashion show (before the covid), and seems particularly close to the house of Dior, which dresses her regularly.

Lady Amelia Windsor, une


Amelia Windsor: a committed and tattooed fashionista

She also participates in the advertising campaign of the committed London brand, Conscious which fights against racism. At ease with her image, always stylish, Lady Amelia Windsor is also part of the restricted list of royals with tattoos: she has at least three: one in the hollow of the right arm and the wrist of the left hand, and one just under the left breast. A girl apart, to be followed for sure.

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