Charlene of Monaco: Her reunion with Prince Albert and their children will be swift

If Charlene of Monaco was able to see again Prince Albert and their children, the reunion will be short-lived for the family as reported by the site Purepeople this Friday, August 27.

After a long stay alone in South Africa, Charlene of Monaco was entitled to a reunion with Prince Albert and their children, Jacques and Gabriella. This August 25, the former swimmer announced the arrival of his family in his native country. The end of two long months of separation immortalized in a picture in which she appeared surrounded by his family. “I am so happy to have my family with me again,” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. However, the reunion will be short-lived for the princely family of Monaco. Indeed, the children of the main concerned will soon have to join the Rock as an important event approaches.

Because at 6 years old, and like all children of their age, Jacques and Gabriella will go back to school on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. And more precisely of the public school Stella-de-Monaco, where they are registered since the year 2019 according to the site of Purepeople. They will only be able to enjoy a few days of Charlene of Monaco and will be accompanied by Prince Albert for this big day. An important day that the princess will miss reluctantly. In full recovery from an ENT infection, she will be able to join the principality only in October 2021.

Charlene of Monaco is stuck in South Africa

For once, the coronavirus is not the culprit. But why Charlene of Monaco will remain stuck in South Africa? The answer is simple. “I can’t fly above 3000 meters of altitude”, she said during an interview with a local media on August 3, 2021. She continued: “I feel fine, it’s just a matter of time now. But I had a great opportunity to understand a little more about South Africa, its environment, its needs.” For the time being, she is enjoying her native country. A soothing return to her roots, despite the circumstances. “It was wonderful to be back in South Africa, and I think right now it’s crucial that people are aware of certain things.”



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