Prince William and Kate Middleton: They want to move to be closer to the Queen

Determined to get closer to Elizabeth II and the center of decision making of the Crown, Kate Middleton and Prince William are looking for a new cozy nest. Their country house is no longer as convenient as it once was.

Will the Cambridges be living out of boxes again for several weeks? Installed on the estate of Sandringham with their three children, Kate Middleton and Prince William would be on the verge of making a big decision: That of leaving their home to get closer to Elizabeth II. For the Duke and Duchess, this move would be a good way to be closer to where decisions are made and that’s why the couple is “seriously considering” moving to Windsor and has even already taken a look at accommodation options, reports the Daily Mail. Currently, Prince William and Kate Middleton divide their time between their London base at Kensington Palace, where they have their offices, and their country home at Anmer Hall in Norfolk. For years, this home suited them perfectly as the Duke was a helicopter pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

But with their increasingly important statures to the Crown and George and Charlotte‘s London schooling, the Cambridges no longer enjoy living so far from the capital. “Anmer Hall made sense while William was a helicopter pilot in East Anglia and it was useful for Christmases in Sandringham, but it doesn’t really work anymore,” explained one of their close friends. It’s a bit too far for weekends, but Windsor is a perfect compromise.

They’re considering options in the area.” Moving closer to the queen, who has been alone since the death of Prince Philip, would also bring them closer to the center of the Crown’s decision-making. Especially since after spending her confinements at Windsor, the monarch would seriously consider moving permanently to the castle once she returns from her summer vacation at Balmoral.

How do the Cambridges prepare for the new school year?

But while waiting to find a new cosy nest, the Cambridges are busy preparing for their elders’ return to school. Known for her “hands-on” approach when it comes to caring for her children, Kate Middleton has reportedly already begun preparations for the new school year. “Because of who they are, William and Kate have had to be very organized parents.

But as parents, William and Kate have developed this brilliant talent of leaving as much as they can spontaneous things and that’s how the kids see it,” a source told Ok magazine. Kate Middleton, in particular, is very strict when it comes to George and Charlotte’s manners. “Table manners, thank you letters, little courtesies are being taught to the children so that they become automatic,” she continued. A mom yes, but also a future queen!



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