Albert of Monaco: His elders show their complicity! Alexandre has changed, Jazmin is radiant

On the occasion of the 18th birthday of Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, an evening was organized in the presence of his sister-in-law, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi. On Instagram, the duo was displayed this Saturday, August 28 more complicit than ever and especially radiant.

It has grown well. This Saturday, August 28, Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste celebrated his 18th birthday, whose original date is August 24, in Monaco, surrounded by family and friends. For the occasion, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi shared several snaps on her Instagram account. “This is the party,” wrote the daughter of Albert II of Monaco under several souvenir photos of the evening. Well-dressed tables, champagne … The 29-year-old revealed some moments of the evening, which was announced festive, of the eldest son of the Prince of Monaco, with whom she is very complicit. Dressed in a long red skirt and a white blouse, she appeared radiant with the star of the evening, who has grown up well.

During the evening, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi seemed very happy to be near her half-brother for this very special moment. Other photos posted on Instagram indicated that they also spent the evening of August 24 watching an outdoor movie in front of the principality’s oceanographic museum. Very discreet, Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, who would almost look like Stromae, has now become a handsome young man, who could consider going into modeling.


He lives in London and remains close to the royal family

Like Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste is an illegitimate child of Albert II of Monaco. In the early 2000s, the prince dated Nicole Tossoukpé, an Air France flight attendant, for five years. Rainier III, who did not appreciate this relationship, simply ordered his son to end it. At the same time, the couple learned that they were going to have a child, born in 2003. If Albert II of Monaco assured that he would provide for the needs of the boy, he did not recognize him at the time of his birth. Charlene’s husband will do it only in 2005. Now living in London with his mother, Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste remains close to the royal family, but is not in the order of succession to the throne.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Bestimage



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