Albert II solo in the Perigord: canoeing with his twins

While their mother is still recovering in South Africa, Prince Albert of Monaco takes care of their children Jacques and Gabriella as it should be. He took them for a canoe ride.

Finally! Albert and Charlene of Monaco were finally able to meet after long months of separation. He was finally able to hug her, as evidenced by the photos posted by the princess on her Instagram account on August 25. She had had to stay in South Africa, following an infection of the ENT sphere for which the mother of James and Gabriella underwent a heavy intervention that lasted no less than four hours. This reunion had been postponed several times.


For the first time, they had even celebrated their wedding anniversary, the tenth, separately. The children being on the trip, the two lovebirds waited until the political situation is more stable and safe to see each other again. Is the royal couple already physically separated again? Possibly, according to an article by France Bleu, which spotted photos of Prince Albert II in the Dordogne on Sunday, August 29, in the company of the 7-year-old twins.

The pictures were posted on the Facebook account of a canoe rental company in Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse: Canoës Roquegeoffre Port D’Enveaux. On his own, far from his beloved, still recovering, Prince Albert of Monaco, in shorts, rented a canoe to have a good time with his children, caps screwed on the head, because the sun was part of the party. On the photos, the children’s faces were carefully hidden to preserve their privacy. The little family agreed to pose with the whole team that allowed them to live this wonderful adventure.


A nice canoe trip

“A guided descent of the Dordogne with Prince Albert II of Monaco and his children. Thank you for this visit and see you next year so for the 28 kms, “wrote this Sunday, August 29, the company in the caption of a series of several photos where he takes a good time in a canoe in a heavenly setting. “It is in the Dordogne or South Africa? Who’s lying???”, one can read in the comments. In any case, the father of the family could not have stayed very long with Princess Charlene, since Jacques and Gabriella must resume school on September 7. They enter in CP, a very important class. It was not a question of missing the return to school.

Photo credits : Jean-François Ottonello / Nice Matin / Bestimage



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