Rebound: Charlene of Monaco ready to come home early according to Albert

Surprise announcement of Prince Albert II this Thursday, September 2 in the columns of People. The Monegasque monarch made known that his wife, blocked for months in South Africa, would be back on the Rock earlier than expected.

The happy news will delight the Monegasques. Blocked in South Africa for months because of an ENT infection, Charlene of Monaco could soon make her return to the Rock. In a surprise announcement, confided to our confreres of People, Albert II made known that his wife was now “ready to return home”. No date has been set, however. The Monegasque monarch, who is anxious for his wife to return to the Principality, said that it “depends on what her doctors say” and that if her progress continues, she could plan her trip as early as this month.

As confident as he is playful, Prince Albert II added, “I know she said maybe ‘end of October,’ but that was before this last round of appointments. I’m sure we can shorten that time a bit. According to Charlene of Monaco’s amused confidences, the latter even said she was “ready to board a boat illegally to return to Europe.” Enough to put a definitive end to the rumors that evoke an imminent separation of the couple.

Albert of Monaco at his wife’s bedside

This is the first time that Prince Albert of Monaco grants an interview since his stay in South Africa where he went to the bedside of his wife with his two children. There, he accompanied his wife to a doctor’s appointment where they met the surgeon who performed her last operation. This visit was also an opportunity for the mother to hug her twins. The separation had lasted too long. Soon, the whole family will be together again.

Photo credits: Olivier Huitel / Pool Monaco / Bestimage



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