Far from Charlene in hospital, Albert of Monaco with Jacques and Gabriella on the trail of Grace Kelly

While Charlene is hospitalized in South Africa, Prince Albert of Monaco took the twins Jacques and Gabriella on the traces of their missing grandmother, Grace Kelly.

It is a new hard blow for the royal family of Monaco. Princess Charlene had to be urgently hospitalized at the Netcare Alberlito Hospital in Ballito, north of Durban, on Wednesday, September 1st. The former swimmer, still held in South Africa, would have fainted suddenly, weakened by her infection. A new worry for the Grimaldi clan. But life goes on and Albert II of Monaco must be solid for their children, the twins Jacques and Gabriella. Away from Charlene, the prince took them in the footsteps of Grace Kelly.

On Instagram, we indeed learn that Prince Albert and the children were welcomed at Trinity College Dublin, by the director Linda Doyle. A visit to thank the Monegasque sovereign for all he has done for the conservation of the old Trinity library. But above all probably a new pilgrimage for him since Grace Kelly is of Irish origin. Ten years ago, Albert of Monaco opened a university research post and offered a scholarship in this Dublin university, in honor of the commemoration of the Hollywood actress.

A visit to Ireland with Charlene

During this three-day visit to Ireland, he was accompanied by his wife Charlene Wittstock. “I am moved by this gesture of friendship that only confirms the wonderful, friendly, lasting historical ties between Monaco and Ireland,” he said. This trip of the sovereign of the Rock marked the 50th anniversary of an official visit to Ireland in 1961 of his dear parents, Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace, daughter of an emigrant from Newport, County Mayo. Prince Rainier III opened the Princess Grace of Monaco Irish Library in 1984 as a tribute to his origins. If this new pilgrimage is anything to go by, the ties continue.

Charlene of Monaco hospitalized in emergency: what exactly happened?

The health of Charlene of Monaco is deteriorating. In convalescence for several months, the princess was hospitalized in emergency, this Wednesday, September 1st. But what really happened?

Charlene of Monaco is at its worst. Victim of an ENT infection since May, she has not left South Africa, her native country. But her recent reunion with Prince Albert and his twins do not seem to have helped the state of the Monegasque. On Wednesday, September 1, the former swimmer was hospitalized in emergency, according to News24. Admitted under a pseudonym, to the Netcare Alberlito Hospital – in KwaZulu-Natal – the princess is now in a stable condition says the Daily Mail, this Friday, September 3. But she will not attend the start of the school year for her children.

Weakened by her infection, the wife of the Monegasque sovereign suddenly fainted in her pavilion. VIP patient of the establishment, the information on the health of the princess is highly protected, explained the Foundation Charlene of Monaco in a statement, this Friday, September 3. But it is difficult to know the details: “The hospital has refused to confirm the procedures or controls carried out, citing legislation on confidentiality, but a source said that she was admitted as a VIP patient and treated on a separate floor from other patients,” explains the British weekly.

Charlene of Monaco under high surveillance, her return delayed

Heavily weakened by her “serious infection of the ENT sphere”, the princess recently underwent a heavy operation “four hours under general anesthesia”, explains the media. Charlene of Monaco has already recovered, she even left the hospital on Thursday, September 2. However, the former swimmer remains under high surveillance. According to the Daily Mail, the princess contracted her infection during her trip to South Africa: “as part of a wildlife conservation mission, Princess Charlene has contracted an infection of the ears, nose and throat that does not allow her to travel,” explains the weekly. This is a blow for the young mother who was ready to return to the rock in October. While the wife of Prince Albert II is at her worst, despite the visit of her relatives last week, Nicole Coste – mother of the eldest son of Albert of Monaco – is on the front page of the tabloids …

Photo credits: Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage



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