Charlene is not angry with me: Albert of Monaco makes things clear

The absence of Princess Charlene from the Principality since last February has given rise to snide rumors about her relationship with Albert of Monaco. For the American magazine People, the prince came out of his silence for the first time, Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

Recovering from an ENT infection, Charlene of Monaco is stuck in South Africa, far from her husband and their twins Jacques and Gabriella. After several months without news of the former swimmer, gossip began to fly on their couple considered not very credible by some. Touched by these calumnies, Grace Kelly’s son was keen to re-establish the truth: “She did not leave Monaco angry. She did not leave because she was angry with me or anyone. She went to South Africa to re-evaluate the work her Foundation is doing there and to take a few days of vacation with her brother and friends.”

Albert of Monaco says there is no question of exile, nor is there any question of a stormy climate within the couple on the Rock. “This trip was originally intended to last only a week, ten days maximum. And if she is still there today, it is because she had this infection that caused many medical complications, “he argued. The last time I heard, his wife was hospitalized in an emergency room after feeling unwell on Friday, September 3.

We are an easy target

To the physical suffering is added the psychological one caused by the controversies. With sadness, Prince Albert concluded his exclusive interview with People in these terms: “Of course she suffers. Of course it affects me too. Misinterpreting events is always damaging… We are an easy target, easy to attack, because we are overexposed in the media.”


Albert of Monaco denies being separated from Charlene and denounces this rumor that affects him

It is a cry from the heart. In an exclusive interview with People, Prince Albert II of Monaco denied being separated from his wife Charlene. He added that this rumor has made the family suffer.

The rumor was persistent and the indefinite stay of Charlene in South Africa has not helped. Indeed, it was whispered that Prince Albert II of Monaco and his wife of ten years were about to separate. If the royal palace assured that Charlene was a victim of health problems that prevented him from returning to his family, the rumor was still present. According to People magazine, the father of James and Gabriella wanted to deny everything.

“She has not decided to go into exile,” began Prince Albert II. And to continue: “It is purely a medical problem that had to be treated. The brother of Caroline and Stephanie readily admits that he should not have let this rumor grow, but today it has become unbearable. Especially for Charlene! “Of course she’s suffering. And it affects me too,” he said. And to conclude: “Misinterpreting events is always detrimental. We are an easy target to attack because we are overexposed to the media”.

A complicated return to school for Albert and the children

The twins Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco have integrated their new school this Monday, September 6 and Albert of Monaco attended alone the beginning of the school year. When one of the members of the team is not there, it is much more complicated”, he admitted to People magazine, this Wednesday, September 8. Let’s hope for the couple’s two children that they will be able to find their mother in full health as soon as possible.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Pool Monaco / Bestimage



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