Charlene of Monaco out of control: She doesn’t want to be Kate Middleton, nor Grace Kelly

Unlike some figures of the gotha who have always followed the protocol to the letter, even if it means making some sacrifices, a wind of freedom has always blown in Charlene of Monaco. In an interview with People, published this Thursday, September 9, a friend of the princess admitted that she could sometimes be “a tough cookie.”

Charlene of Monaco has never been able to stop the gossip. While the former professional swimmer is still held in South Africa, after contracting an infection of the ENT sphere, several rumors have suggested that there would be water in the gas between the princess and her husband, Prince Albert II of Monaco. An information immediately denied by the sovereign to People: “She did not leave because she was angry with me or anyone. She went to South Africa to re-evaluate the work of her Foundation and to take a few days vacation with her brother and friends. In the same columns, a friend of the couple admitted that Charlene of Monaco could sometimes be unpredictable and enjoyed a certain freedom, despite her title.

According to him, if the wife of Prince Albert went to his native country, it is indeed for a fight that is close to his heart: the fight against rhinoceros poaching. And so much for propriety, protocol, or even what the bad tongues may say. “She cares about saving rhinos and teaching children to swim. She does not want to be Kate Middleton, nor Grace Kelly,” explained this close friend of the couple to our American colleagues, in reference to the Duchess of Cambridge and the wife of Prince Rainier, who have both made sacrifices to fit in. He added: “She’s a tough cookie (…) She’s a bit of an iconoclast.”


A princess who cultivates her difference

Despite her marriage to a prince, Charlene of Monaco, who is now a mother, has continued to choose her causes, from the fight against HIV to the environment and children in need around the world. Committed, she is above all for herself and not for the spotlight. Preferring to be discreet, she has no problem leaving all the light to Stephanie and Caroline, the two sisters of Prince Albert II of Monaco.

During her public appearances, she often appeared cold and less cheerful than those around her. “It is sometimes difficult to give the change. Few know what we live away from the objectives,” she justified herself in the South African magazine Huisgenoot in 2019. Especially since on The Rock, Princess Charlene, who recently sported a punk haircut, quickly “felt judged and misunderstood,” as one of her friends confided in the pages of Paris Match last July. The pretenses? Very little for her. And no matter what her detractors think…

Photo credits : Bruno Bebert / Bestimage



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