Charlene of Monaco: This role she played to reunite Albert and his older children

Apart from the twins he had with Charlene of Monaco, Prince Albert has welcomed other children from previous relationships. Our source revealed this Friday, September 10, that the princess had also allowed her husband to get closer to them.

Charlene of Monaco, guardian of the family unit? our source revealed that the princess had allowed Prince Albert of Monaco to bond with his children from previous relationships: Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, 29, and Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, 18. “Charlene was really the one trying to bring the whole family together,” said a close friend of the royal couple.

The presence of these two children, which Prince Albert did not recognize until the 2000s, was gradually accepted by the rest of the family, including the princess. Prince Albert is reported to have said that the relationship between the two children and his wife has “evolved over time”, describing her as “more accepting”. However, the couple’s friend clarified to our source, “I’m not going to say that she wants them around all the time, because there is some contention on several fronts.”


Heavily involved in raising his 6-year-old twins, Prince James and Princess Gabriella, Prince Albert has remained in regular contact with Jazmin Grace-Grimaldi, whom he had with real estate agent Tamara Rotolo, as well as Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, born of the prince’s love affair with flight attendant Nicole Coste. The young man, who lives in London, celebrated his 18th birthday on August 24 at a party organized a few days later on the Rock, which was also attended by his half-sister, who is originally from Florida. Very complicit, the children of Prince Albert, who are not part of the order of succession to the throne, have also remained close to the princely family. In August 2019, they had both been invited to the wedding of Louis Ducruet, the son of Stephanie of Monaco.

Photo credits: David Nivière / Pool / Bestimage



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