What happened to the princess Gabriella? Still recovering in South Africa after a malaise, Charlene of Monaco has published photos of her daughter in a wheelchair.

On her Instagram account, the wife of Prince Albert II did not signify what her daughter was suffering from. “They spent time with their aunt, her Royal Highness Princess Caroline and their cousins at the annual dog show,” reads the description of the photos posted on the social network.


However, in the pictures, we can see the leg cast of Princess Gabriella. A detail that did not escape the followers of Charlene of Monaco. “What happened to the leg of the little Bella?”, “What an adorable photo, I hope that Princess Gabriella is well,” replied some subscribers, concerned about the health of the little girl of 6 years.

If the messages of concern and goodwill are numerous, the Rock has not communicated about the reasons for the cast of the princess. The princely palace has only shared the photos published by Charlene of Monaco on its social networks.

But what happened to Princess Gabriella? Although still recovering in South Africa, her mother, Charlene of Monaco, posted photos on Instagram of the little girl in a wheelchair. We can also see that the twin of Jacques de Monaco has a cast on her leg. Yet, nothing is specified in the caption of the shots. “They spent time with their aunt, her royal highness Princess Caroline and their cousins at the annual dog show,” Charlene wrote.


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For its part, the Rock did not give more information. Relaying the same photos as Charlene of Monaco on the Instagram account of the princely palace, they said that Jacques and Gabriella had “visited the Monaco International Dog Show, which is held on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September in the Principality.” So they were accompanied by the Princess of Hanover, but also by Mrs. Melanie-Antoinette De Massy and Charlotte Casiraghi. On Instagram, Internet users express their concern. “What’s going on with her leg?”, “I’m sorry to see that Princess Gabriella is injured,” can be read in the comments of the publication.

Jacques and Gabriella, the twins of Monaco, made their return to the first grade on September 6. Now 6 years old, they are enrolled in the private Catholic school François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré. For this first day at “la grande école”, they were accompanied by their father Albert II. Their mother, Charlene of Monaco, is still in South Africa for medical reasons.



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