Nicole Coste Albert of Monaco’s ex : Why she doesn’t hide anymore

In 2005, it was in the columns of Paris Match that Nicole Coste revealed to the world the existence of Alexandre Grimaldi Coste. After sixteen years of silence, it is in the same magazine in August 2021, she agreed to give news of her son and explain why she is now ready to be less discreet.

For sixteen years Nicole Coste, the mother of the son born out of wedlock of Albert of Monaco, has remained silent. Her last interview with the press was in 2005. On the cover of Paris Match, she revealed to the world the existence of Alexandre Grimaldi Coste by telling their story. Sixteen years later, shortly after her son’s first official appearance at the Red Cross Ball, she agreed to pose again on the cover of the magazine.

This July 16 marked the first appearance of Nicole Coste on the arm of her son at this social event: “I had not returned since 2010, when some newspapers not very benevolent had juxtaposed my photo and that of Charlene, just engaged, with the title: ‘Albert and his two wives. It was necessary to let the spirits calm down. This year, I was invited and I asked Alexandre, on the eve of his 18th birthday, to escort me. He was very pleased.”

Albert de Monaco : découvrez Nicole Coste, la mère d'Alexandre, son fils  illégitime


Exposed to protect himself from media stalking

If for eighteen, the son that the Prince of Monaco recognized with the French justice, stayed away from social events and journalists, it was to protect him: “For eighteen years, his father and I have made sure not to expose him officially. It was a joint decision to preserve him. From now on, things will gradually change.” Discreet for two decades, Nicole Coste is now ready for a little more light: “I don’t find it embarrassing, at this stage, to give a little news and show how happy Alexandre is, surrounded. That’s why I accepted the interview you proposed. This will appease the curious as well as our admirers, and will allow Alexandre, I hope, not to be hunted down.”

Photo credits : Bruno Bebert / Bestimage



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