Albert of Monaco: His Ex Nicole Coste and their son Alexandre ready to assist him in Monaco

Alexandre, the son of Albert of Monaco and his ex Nicole Coste, has just celebrated his 18th birthday. In the columns of Paris Match this Tuesday, September 21, this mother comes out of silence for the first time in 16 years. She expresses herself on the future of her son within the Monegasque Principality.

Could Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste be the next Barack Obama? The question is asked in the columns of Paris Match this Tuesday, September 21. The son of Albert of Monaco and Nicole Coste has grown up well. The young man celebrated his 18th birthday on August 24. “He is not a child quite like the others. His father being a sovereign prince, some things are a little out of the ordinary,” admits Alexandre’s mother to our confreres.

And for good reason, Alexander could one day have a role to play in the Principality, but which one? “As far as Alexander is concerned, it is up to the sovereign prince, his father, to decide,” said the ex of Albert of Monaco. Alexander, born out of wedlock, was only recognized in 2005 by his father. Well integrated into the princely family, he is not in the order of succession to the Monegasque throne. According to protocol, only children whose parents are married can claim the throne and hold official positions. The young man is already considering his future career, he could start modeling.


If someone offers me to contribute to a charitable task or other, I will do it with great pleasure

As for Nicole Coste, she has no doubt about his ability to “manage (his) image (…) wisely.” Alexandre’s mother even says she is ready to take on a role within the Principality: “I love the Monegasques with a sincere love, and they return it to me well. If I am offered to contribute to a charitable or other task, I will do so with great pleasure and kindness,” she assures Paris Match. In 1997, Albert of Monaco met Nicole, a flight attendant for Air France. Their relationship lasts five years, despite the reluctance of Prince Rainier, who will eventually require their separation.

But Nicole is pregnant and Alexandre is born in 2003. “Because of the existence of Alexander, we are linked, and my name is systematically associated with that of Monaco,” she says before adding: “So we might as well say good things about it and that it reflects me. I’m pretty clear-sighted and I have a positive energy to offer. In the modern world we live in, a little solidarity can’t hurt anyone,” she says in the magazine’s columns.

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