Charlene of Monaco: Her hidden message to Albert amidst the rumors

Smiling but slimmed down, Charlene of Monaco posted an intriguing photo on her Instagram account this Saturday, October 2. Rather than dwelling on her physical appearance, we must remember the symbolism of the objects chosen by the princess to understand where her marriage to Albert is…

A new “appearance” full of symbols. A time hoped for the month of September but postponed following an emergency hospitalization, the return of Charlene of Monaco in the principality is no longer fixed to any date by the palace. Upset by the rumors of separation, but continuing his commitments as sovereign prince, Albert II has been making photocalls to other arms, traveling under other skies. The silence of Charlene, honored with a new title this summer, intrigues. You have to know how to read the photos she posts on her Instagram account. After raising awareness several times for the preservation of rhinos, Albert’s wife posted a new snapshot of her smiling but slimmed down, this Saturday, October 2.

Her figure, the regrowth and the real color of her hair strike the eye. But it is other details, by analyzing the photo well, which challenge and inform on the state of her marriage, amidst the fantasies maintained by some and rumors spread by others. On the picture published on October 2, the princess wears around her neck a rosary and reads a Bible. Liturgy reminding that she keeps the faith despite a serious infection of the ENT sphere, but also that she became Catholic by marrying Albert.

Charlene is a Catholic princess by the sacred bonds of her marriage to Albert
Before their marriage 10 years ago, the former South African swimmer, raised in the Protestant faith, had to convert to Catholicism, state religion in Monaco. A conversion made in April 2011 that allowed her to accompany her husband to the Vatican in 2016 and to obtain the blessing of her children, Crown Prince James and Princess Gabriella, by Pope Francis. With her rosary and Bible, Charlene of Monaco thus emphasizes that she remains united to Albert, a Catholic sovereign, by the sacred bonds of marriage.

The caption accompanying her photo appears as another allusion to the principality: “God bless”. If the princess is mainly referring to her health problems, we must also remember the motto of the house of Grimaldi, “Deo juvante” which means … “with God’s blessing” in Latin. Her entourage told the American magazine People that she was “not a timid little thing”. While her refusal to follow in the footsteps of a Kate Middleton or a Grace Kelly has unleashed the bad tongues and Cassandras, Charlene is taking a double leap of faith about her future as a Monegasque princess.

Photo credits: Agency / Bestimage USA



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